It is really not easy to forget this stage of my life. It is still one of the most difficult moments I had to deal with – I start crying now for remembering these moments :'(

As a working mother that – unfortunately- have to get back to work after ONLY 3 weeks of having my first baby and not having someone can help with caring for my child, I started to think about sending my little baby to daycare.

For me, having to think about leaving my little baby for 8 hours was a pain that did not make me able to sleep. I kept looking to baby and hugging him. but I had to go on. I started to search for a good place and a one that is near to my work so I can go and breastfeed him.

I started visiting some places and finally chose a daycare with some good facilities. Days passed very quickly and the day I was afraid of just came.

I prepared my baby and just went to the daycare, I talked to the nanny there and made sure that everything is ready and OK for my baby and then and kissed him and gave him a very big hug. I went out and just start crying – now I am crying too – I almost could not breathe or see. I start telling my self that I am NOT a good mother. How could you leave your baby?

This pain started from that day and now my little baby is 4 years old. Can you believe that I still have some pain in my heart when I leave him in the preschool?

I said “some” pain as now he can talk and express his feeling which is the thing that I missed when he just a few weeks or months.

I did my best to deal with that pain to be stronger instead of letting it kill me and here what I tried and still trying to do a few things:

  • Making sure to follow up and check the daycare and make notes if anything is not OK for my little baby.
  • Spending a good time with him after work (playing, cleaning and even cooking) and to make sure that he has all the love and attention he needs but at the same time not giving all that he wants or he will be spoiled.
  • Keep telling him ” I love you ” and ALWAYS will love you no matter you do or say but maybe I can be sad for the wrong behavior or words
  • Listening CAREFULLY to him and taking his opinion about what to do or where to go. Following his opinion, if it is right and OK and try to negotiate him if he had a different point of view.

DO NOT underestimate your baby, he has a big brilliant mind in a little cute body.

After all of that, I want to tell you a few things – from my own experience:

  • I am not telling you to send your little child to a daycare, but if you have to, you are still a good mother that does her best for her child.
  • Sending my child to daycare made him a social person who loves to know new people.
  • When you miss your child, you will keen to spend the best times with him and just have fun and learn new things, so you will feel the quality of the time you are spending with your child is really different.
  • Try not to be affected by negative people who keep telling you “how can you leave your little child for all these hours?” , “Are you sure that it is a good place?” , “Do not you think that he needs you?”, etc. Do not even try to think about these words as you will be completely depressed.

If you start thinking about the negative words you hear, you will start losing everything, fun, concentration, and your health

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