I really love to share my own experience with you as I will will talk about the difficulties I had and the mistakes I did when I had my first baby.

I have to admit that having a newborn is not an easy matter at allูˆ but it is really a wonderful gift from God that will never can thank him enough for.

I had a very difficult natural birth as my baby came to life after 25 hours of struggling with pain.

I really was very tired that I could not carry my baby in my arms, but after having few hours of sleep and making sure that everything is OK and leaving the hospital, my journey has started!!! as I had many issues most important of them are the following :

  • Pain after natural birth which lasts for more of a month even with having analgesics.
  • First two or three days, I had to awake my baby to feed him besides he was refusing to breastfeed at first ๐Ÿ™ . Also, I did not know what exactly I have to do. as after less than a week he was crying a lot especially at night as he got up almost every hour and I had to feed him!
  • I had to back to work after only 3 weeks. as I did not have a maternity leave nor unpaid leave. I could not leave my work as I was in need for the money.
  • I was very exhausted (newborn , going to work housekeeping) and I had postpartum depression that I could not deal with.

I really did not imagine that I will be in that case and I hope that non of you will not have the problems I had

-First of all, try your best to take rest enough, so make sure that you have enough money for at least 6 months after your birth, so you do not have to get back work till your are ready for that.

-Try to take a practical course or sessions before your birth as I tried to read from the internet, but it was not helpful enough

-Try to ask for and find help, If you did not find the help, so you have to help yourself by being strong enough to face this life. Make sure that everything will be OK at the end. I tell you that although I did not feel that before till it is OK. when you feel weak, just look at you little kid. keep looking and then take him in your arms. you will feel his pure heart. this heart will give you the strength you need.

-Do your best for child and never do more than you can for the others especially if they do not even help you. I tried to do everything for some people and almost forgot myself, but unfortunately they did not appreciate what I did. On the contrary, they accused me of negligence.

Having a newborn baby is having blessed gift ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be happy to hear your experience, so do not hesitate to write it for us :). Waiting for you.

I do have the chance to have another baby, but if I had the choice, I would like to have another little angle inn my life, but for sure I will avoid all the mistakes I did before

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